Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bay Hags

Had a great summer.
Hey we here at BayHags are finishing up school, just starting school, making paintings, giving art talks, starting new bands, playing too many shows, traveling, going on tour, making beer, kicking ourselves in the teeth for not bringing a tape recorder or camera to an awesome show we attended, and just plain dealing with life. I am uploading some recent videos to the internet world right now but I've noticed we haven't collectively been able to be as active with this project as when we excitedly started this. I'm opening up the floor so that we don't appear to be the snobs that we actually are. If you have any video, audio, photos from the past 6 months or so send us a link to this material with a brief description of the show. We prefer that the music be of the "underground" variety... be it hip hop, jazz, punk or experimental or bluegrass or whatever. We just don't want yr youtube video of Pearl Jam in Golden Gate Park from last month... even though I heard that shit was decent. Oh yeah... the material should also be of a show that happened in the Bay Area. Keep doing yr shit, keep attending shows and pitch that 5 bucks in the bucket whenever you can afford it.

sich sifter practice at the smell in Los Angeles photo by Dalton Blanco

I miss You and I love you!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Work // Piles homecoming show @ Bay Area 51. August 29th 2009

Blood Comedy

Sam Comedy

2 and 9/10's songs by Work:

Work @ Bay Area 51 August 29th 2009 from Erin Allen on Vimeo.

Comedy by the Planet Earth

sorry ... no footage of long legged woman or piiles...