Monday, July 20, 2009

Benson Bus shows.

thursday July 16th @ Berkeley Bulb
There was alot of Hay Stack climbing at this show. Apparently a tradition that was started at another bus show earlier in the week (last week that is).

photo by Dalton Blanco

During the Pteradactyl (Brooklyn) set, the Benson Bus became obsessed with trying to run over an office chair:

On the ride back home, Coleman Hawkins came up from the grave a played a set to a rainbow dolphin:

July 19th, 2009 San Francisco @ Tire Beach and then Irving in the nomans land of showplace plaza east of CCA.

Chen Santa Maria and Gowns were able to play before the cops came. They came 4 cars deep with out headlights on at 60 mph, narrowly missing Dalton Blanco, who at the time, was of course trying to set up the perfect photo. They were very aggressive and swarmed all around everybody with bright flashlights. One cop was using his flash light to try and find fresh graffiti. Here is my exchange with that cop:
"Hey man, don't worry.... we haven't been tagging this area up. We're not that type"
angrilly, the cop replies: "Did we accuse you of this?!"
me: "You're acting like you want to"
cop: "Get that fucking bus out of here right now!"

Well anyhow! the bus was moved somewhere onto Irving street east of the CCA campus.

Human Hands:

I did also capture footage of half of the song, "Changes" by Base of Bass. I decided to not include it because that song is on our last post. You can search for it on you tube if you want to see it.

going to new location and begining of Terrors set:

this footage Jesse Marie Dicarlo-Wagner

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